Directions / Area

From San Jose, follow the road to Cartago, and from Cartago, to Paraiso. Then take the road from Paraiso to Orosi. (It will be a right turn at the park in the center of Paraiso.) After you travel 6km or so, the road will bring you down the side of a mountain into the Orosi Valley. As you approach the valley, you will cross a river (Rio Agua Caliente) via a metal bridge, painted dark grey. The bar is immediately on your right. The signage says Bar Rest. El Puente Negro.

If you were to continue on the road, you would find the town of Orosi, about 3 km away. Orosi is a beautiful village, and is home to the oldest (Catholic) church still in use in Costa Rica. It was built around 1650! Cachi Lake and Hydroelectric dam, and the spectacular Tapanti National Park are also nearby. Over 150 rivers begin their journey to the sea from this valley! And, the Irazu Volcano and park is only 36 km NE from us. You will travel through some beautiful countryside on your way there.

The Orosi Valley is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled areas in Costa Rica. Around 140 square miles, with an elevation that varies from 3,000 to 5,000 ft., it is home to about 10,000 people. It is a center of coffee plantations and farms, and there is no overdevelopment. If you want to experience Costa Rica without hype, this is the area to start. The countryside is beautiful, with mountains, valleys, plenty of rivers, great trout fishing, and the people are incredibly friendly.